Ben Franklin Quotes

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Ben Franklin Quotes are great for bloggers.

They allow us to make an easy post and because he did so many things we can always reference him back to something we want to say. For instance, I can say he was a printer and a brewer (true) so of course I need to post about him since I’m opening a brewery named Printer’s. However, in all honesty Ben Franklin has been someone I have admired from history since I was young. He accomplished so many things in his life. He was an inventor, statesman, and publisher to name a few. He travelled the western world and helped create a country (after the age of 70 btw). He was a person who worked hard in his youth and viewed the world as a gift to embrace and explore. He never stopped asking questions and being curious about the world, which is something I try to emulate every day.

So enjoy the quotes and maybe be inspired to do that simple task you’ve been putting off, or learn something new today.


Ben Franklin Quote

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You knew there'd be one beer reference

You knew there’d be one beer reference

To Learn More About Ol’ Ben check out this great biography. 

P.S. He was also the first person to chart the gulf stream and helped propose ocean currents (true story).

– Read Up, SlyePup


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