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The US Beer Open Championship released its winners yesterday and Georgia Breweries did not disappoint.

A little about the US Beer Open… Professional brewers and homebrewers alike compete in an open competition hosted in Oxford, OH. It has been an open competition since 2009. The best beer gets recognized and graded regardless of if you are a 20-year veteran or a new home-brew genius. Beers are entered are from all over the world and judges taste and rank beers completely in the dark on which beer is whose. Judges are from all over the so this helps prevent them from possibly being regionally biased. To learn even more about the US Beer Open check out their website here.

US Beer Open Medal

The U.S. Beer Open Gold Medal

Way to go GA!

This year there was a very good showing from several Georgia Breweries, and quite a few medals were brought back to the peach state this year. Out of 90 categories… 21 different medals were award to local GA breweries. These categories ranged from classics like Imperial Porter and IPA to unique styles like Chili Beer and an “Anything Goes” category. The world of craft beer is growing rapidly. Breweries and homebrewers are making new unique and experimental beers everyday. So it’s nice to see official competitions recognizes these new emerging styles. It allows brewers to be innovative and untraditional with their beers, while also being able to grab some awards to help market and promote sales.

And the GA Brewery Winners are…

Mad props to Red Hare (check out about my visit there here) and Cherry Street for snagging several awards each.

– SweetWater Brewery’s IPA won bronze – IPA Category

– Red Brick’s Laughing Skull Amber won Silver – Bitter Category

– SweetWater’s Happy Ending won Silver – American Stout Category

– Red Hare Brewing’s Sticky Stout won Bronze – Oatmeal Stout Category

– Cherry Street Brewing’s O.A.S.I.S. won Gold – Imperial Stout (American) Category

– Red Hare’s Watership Brown Ale won Silver – American Brown Ale Category

– Red Hare’s Cotton Tale Pale Ale won Gold – Pale Ale (International Style) Category

– Terrapin Beer’s Sound Czech Pilsner won Bronze – Bohemian Pilsner Category

– Cherry Street Brewing’s Ta Ta won Silver – German Lager Category

– Coastal Empire Brewing’s Dawn Patrol Mole’ stout won Bronze – Chili Beer Category

– Monday Night Brewing’s Mom Jeans won bronze – Barrel Aged Pale Ale Category

– Monday Night Brewing’ Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt won Silver – Barrel Aged Dark Beer Category

– Cherry Street Brewing’s Belgo Ruskie won bronze – Barrel Aged strong beer Category

– Cherry Street Brewing’s Wonderwall won Gold – Barrel Aged Strong Stout Category

– Monday Night Brewing’s Georgian Imperial won Gold – Barrel Aged Strong Stout Category

– Red Hare’s SPF 50/50 won gold – Out of Bounds Pale Ale Category

– Coastal Empire Beer Co’s White Caps won Bronze – Out of Bounds IPA Category

– Jekyll Brewing’s Fixin To… won Silver – Session IPA Category

– Red Hare Root Beer won bronze – Root Beer (Non-alcoholic) Category

(To see all the 2016 US Beer Open winners click here)

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Good Job GA Breweries


It was really great to see so many breweries win from Georgia. Look for these guys in your local store or bars. If there not there ask for them so we can grow this craft world! (If I missed any winners let me know and I’ll up date the list)

– Win Up, SlyePup



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