Braves Game – Turner Field

Braves Turner Field

Every since I was a young kid I’ve known how to do the Tomahawk Chop with the entire stadium to intimidate the away team in the bottom of the ninth at Turner Field (and previously at Fulton Stadium). Unfortunately, when I went to Turner Field a couple nights ago the Bravos weren’t able to claim victory. It was a bitter-sweet night not only because we lost, but also because this is the last season the Braves will be playing at Turner Field. Next year the Braves are moving on up to Cobb County to a new mega Stadium complete with shopping, bars, and their very own Brew Pub (click here to see pictures of the new stadium). Yes, I am excited about seeing the new stadium, but I will miss Turner Field.

Turner Field is nearly two decades old this year. It was originally built to host the 1996 Summer Olympics and then converted into the new Braves Stadium replacing Fulton County Stadium (their home for 31 years). I remember Fulton, but Turner Field is where I “grew up” watching baseball. My dad and I would go to games, and I would get to stay up late on school nights and tell friends the next day about my exciting adventure into the city to watch the game. These were also some the braves best years in their division. As I grew up I went with friends, and eventually with girlfriends (and a future Fiancee). It was always a good time, even if we lost it was great being with family and friends and enjoying a ballgame.

I hope I get to see them a couple more times this season, but with everything going on at the brewery that might be tough. It will be even tougher to get to join my dad at a game so like a said, it’s a little bitter-sweet. But, that is life, and I have a lot of good memories to look back on.

Here’s a few pics from the night…

Dad and I Braves Game

Dad and I

SweetWater Can at Turner Field

You knew I was going to have one craft beer reference

Turner Field Night

Fun Night




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