The No Soda Diet – Easy Weight Lose

No soda diet? WTF? I was raised in Atlanta so Sweet Tea and Coke are pretty much a staple in the diet of anyone from the south. As a kid, free refills on coke were like a small Christmas gift (when your parents allowed you to drink as many as you wanted). I would drink soda for breakfast if I was allowed too. In my teens, I started to drink a couple sodas a day, and in college who didn’t have a 2 liter of some knock off brand coke for mixing drinks with low-grade liquor. It was fun when you could drink and eat whatever you wanted too.

I miss not being able to drink soda and beer the way I use too, but that’s life. At some point in your age if you don’t make some changes in your diet or lifestyle most people will pack on the lbs (I say most because there will always be that friend who eats Zaxby’s every day and loses weight till their 50, those friends are called bastards). For the rest of us though we can make simple changes that will help immensely. This is the part where I tell you to cut out sodas…

I know it sucks, there is no way around that. But it only does for a little while. Eventually, you don’t even think about not having a soda (or 3) with a meal. You become more hydrated which is better for you anyways. You don’t depend on the caffeine to get you through the day (and the inevitable crash). You sleep better by eliminating those evening sodas too. But, all this info is nothing new, everyone knows this. You’re here because of the title so let me explain the no soda diet. A standard 20oz coke contains 240 calories. Americans who drink soda consume 2.6/day.

Don’t worry about doing the math it’s right here…  240×2.6×7=4368  that means just with sodas on average Americans are consuming an extra 4,368 calories per week than they need. To lose 1lbs of fat you only need a deficit of 3,500 calories. So if you were to give up soda only, not change your diet, not exercise, just give up cokes and sodas you could theoretically lose more than a pound per week! So for a lot of people out there they could lose some easy pounds by switching to a no soda diet.

I hardly ever make a diet post because everyone is so different, and you need to find out what works for you. However, this is a pretty easy one, and might just help kick start your weight loss goals.

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