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A few weeks ago someone gave me a single can of Mama’s Little Yella Pils to try. I was very excited to try one of the few beers I’d heard so much about but had not had the chance to taste yet. I decided to save the beer for an up coming beach trip I had and drink it at the ocean. The wait was long… the Georgia heat ramped up and the humidity soared. The whole time the light crisp Pilsen beer sat in my fridge ready to be drunk, but I waited patiently to learn the taste. And you will too, for another paragraph…

Oskar Blues Brewery began it’s life as a brewpub in Colorado in 1997. After a couple years they grew into a brewery in 1999, and became the first craft brewery to can their own beer in 2002 (that is still in operation). The brewery has seen very good growth over the past decade, becoming the 27th largest craft brewery in the nation. They are also the largest brewery in the U.S. to not use bottles, all of their products are can only. In 2013 they opened an East coast brewery in North Carolina (where a lot of the big west coast breweries are starting to call home, due to many other states in the region having out-dated beer laws). And they are opening another satellite brewery in Austin, Texas this year. As you can probably guess this is a company that is gearing up to be a big player on the national craft beer level soon. Learn more about Oskar Blues Brewery here.

Enough about the brewery and their rapid growth lets chill and talk about the beer for a bit. So after several scorching days in Georgia my Fiancee and I loaded up the car and drove to Gulf Shores, AL (I’ll be making a review for a local brewery there soon). Once I could finally smell the salt air, see the ocean, and take off my shoes to feel the sand I cracked open the Yella Pils I’d been waiting to enjoy.

Yella Pils on the beach

Finally here

The beer had a light straw color and was very clear in appearance. A little bit of straw on the smell but not much else in my opinion, maybe I was still getting adjusted to the salt in the air from the ocean. The taste was earthy and grassy to me but very light on both accounts. The beer had a touch of sulfur but hardly any hop taste (maybe a little floral). The body was light and very carbonated. Overall, I’m glad I waited for the beach to taste this beer, my only complaint is that I only had one can of it to drink. If you want more details on the Yella Pils go here.

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