Best Beer Glasses for your Beer Style

various beer glasses

Are you a hop head? More of a Pale Ale guy, or a lambic girl? Today we have so many choices of beer that people are discovering they no longer associate with a particular beer brand, but actually a beer style. The cool thing about that is there are specific glasses you can find that go with the style you like. So if you find yourself gravitating towards IPAs or Stouts, keep an eye out for the glasses listed below and try your favorite style in one of them. Disclaimer: It’s fun to find the “right” glass to go with a specific style of beer, but don’t turn into one of those snobs at the bar who won’t drink a beer if it’s not served in the “proper” glass. A good beer in any glass can be a good time, with fun people. This craft beer world is about 90% asshole free, don’t be in the remaining 10%.

– Drink Up, SlyePup


American Pint Glass

Shaker Glass

Standard American Pint (shaker glass) – If you don’t recognize this glass then you have never been in a bar before. It’s your traditional glass, good for a wide range of beers. They are popular because they are mass produced and cheap, also bars love them because they stack easily. Tough and strong this is the industry standard for most breweries, and bars. Don’t be a snob this a perfectly fine glass for beer.

Chalice Glass

Chalice (Goblet) – These are big rimmed glasses good for taking big swigs of your favorite high ABV brews, and almost any Belgian style. Seriously, almost every style of beer for this glass is Belgian. From your Dubbels to your Quads, this glass was made for anyone who craves Belgian or German style beers. One of my favorites in this type of glass is a Maibock.

Snifter Glass

Snifter – A close relative to the Chalice these glasses are generally used for brandy and cognac because they help release the aromatics of the spirit. This also applies to beer as well so they have become popular with a variety of styles such as Barley Wines, Wheat Wines, Double IPAs and many others.

Fiancee and me with beer steins

The Fiancee and I rocking some Steins

The Beer Mug (Stein) – A favorite of enthusiastic drinkers and socializers (including myself)! These thick glasses with large handles are great for cheers-ing the night away with friends, without the worry of breaking. Originally from the old world, these glasses have become very popular in the American craft beer movement and are great for a wide variety of beers from American Craft styles to old world Marzens to English pub ales this is a glass you will be seeing for awhile. Bonus: they generally hold a lot of your favorite beer!

pilsner glass

Pilsner Glass

Pilsner Glass – This tall and narrow glass is mostly used for pilsners and lagers. The glass helps show off the bright generally lighter color of the beer and maintains it’s head. They are also eye-catching when being served or delivered to a table making others want the same. If you find a bar serving in these cool glasses find a crisp refreshing pilsner on the beer list and enjoy.

Weizen Beer Glass

Great for American Wheats

Weizenbeir Glass – If you like Hefes, Wits or Wheats then try to find one of your favorites in this style glassware the next time you are out. Its cool design from skinny bottom to wide rimmed  is to help capture some the yeast sediment often found in these styles of beer.

Tulip Pint Glass

Imperial Pint Glass

Imperial Pint Glass – Very common in Ireland and Britain these are a fairly common pint glass in America as well. Mostly used for British and Irish Stouts and Porters. The glass helps showcase the prominent head common on those styles. So if you’re a fan of the dark beers see if they have these glasses behind the bar next time.

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more details about the best beer glasses for your style or purchase any of them, then go here.


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