Ballast Point – The Commodore

Ballast Point Commodore Beer

Another great beer from Ballast Point. The Commodore! As most of you probably know Ballast Point has sold their company to Constellation for “1 Billion Dollars” (Dr. Evil Voice). I know a lot of craft breweries who say they’d never “sell out” but when you start here Billion with a B, I bet anyone would stop and listen at least, especially when you get to operate as a stand-alone company with the same management (at first). Constellation is an international Alcohol Beverage giant predominately being a wine house, but they have since gotten into spirits as well. Ballast Point is their big interest onto the craft beer scene. With the growing craft movement this is a smart move, especially with such a well-established brand like Ballast Point. You can read more about the purchase here.

Ballast Point was started by a handful of brewers 20 years ago, with an agreement to make high-quality premium beer. They have been very successful with a number of their beers achieving the coveted 100 points on Beer Advocate, which is no easy feat for any brewery. The Commodore holds it’s on well in a family of winners. It pours real dark with a very off-white head of bubbles. The beer looks creamy and robust. You get roasted malts on the nose, with chocolate and coffee as well. The taste is like a chocolate coffee bar wrapped in smoke with a hint of earthiness. Good body with medium carbonation. Very good beer if you’re in the mood for a stout. If you haven’t tried many stouts I wouldn’t start with this one though. You can read more about the beer and get detailed specs here.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

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