Printer’s Ale Speaks at Carrollton Kiwanis Club

Printer's Newspaper Mention

We made the local paper! A couple weeks ago Printer’s Ale got to go speak at the Kiwanis Club in Carrollton (you can learn more about them at their website here). Greg spoke about how he decided to start a brewery and some of the history of his family being printers, and when they moved to Carrollton. He introduced me and I spoke on the history of beer, the craft beer movement, some popular beer styles, and went over a few things going on at the brewery. After that, we had a short Q and A where people asked all about the brewery and the industry. Everyone was very supportive and excited about the addition of the brewery to the community, and I can’t wait to speak with the members again in the future. Thanks again to Bob & everyone at the Kiwanis Club for being so welcoming and letting us speak to you all.

**Edit on the newspaper caption in the picture above – We will be able to do between 1000 and 18,000 bbls (not 1,800 bbls).

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