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A few weeks ago I was in Hilton Head looking at wedding venues with my fiancee’. It’s pretty much standard when we go anywhere that we check out the local brewery (she’s a craft beer nerd too). So we inevitable ended up at the only brewery on the island. Hilton Head Brewing Company, this brewery was a little unique because technically it was founded a couple decades ago as a Brewpub on the South side of the Island, the production Brewery is located on the North side of the Island, and this is the facility my Fiancee’ and I went too. The Hilton Head Brewing Co. production facility was founded in 2006 and is located in a cool little spot only a few minutes drive from the beach. Outside they have corn-hole, and picnic tables for patrons to enjoy. Inside is a nice full bar where you can order pints and flights, and peanuts are free. Every brewery should do this! It’s not a huge location, the atmosphere is laid back and casual like you would expect in a beach town. Perfect for a date or hanging with a few friends. They also do private events as well.

Hilton Head Brewery Main Room

Hilton Head Brewery Tasting Room

Hilton Head Beer Flight

Good Stuff

We ordered a couple flights and tried much of what they had to offer. I think my favorite was the Groove Town Pale Ale with the new yeast strain, make sure to try it if you’re in the area! After chatting with Todd (who was working the taps and telling us all about the brewery and history) for a bit, it came up that I was opening a brewery in Georgia, and he asked John one of the owners if he could give me a tour. John was working in the back, but took the time to show my Fiancee’ and I the whole set up. We talked for well over an hour about different aspects of brewing, the industry, marketing and how the craft movement has evolved (sort of the perfect tour for me). John and his crew were extremely friendly and helpful and really made a couple of out-of-towners feel at home. Any time y’all are in West GA you’re more than welcome to stop by Printer’s Ale so I can return the favor. Check out their website here.

Hilton Head Brewing Company Tropical Lager and Session IPA Cans

Look for these beach sipping brews out in the market.

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