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I’ve been a homebrewer for a while, which is why getting to brew at Southern Sky on a commercial system for the first time was very exciting to me. Many years ago I did my first brew day with my dad, unfortunately, I was too young to enjoy the beer after it was made, so I had little interest in it then. After college I started on the stove top doing brew in a bag recipes you can pick up from any home brew shop, being older I now got to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with drinking your own beer. For all of you out there who have a friend that brews, this is why they keep doing it. Even if your beer is only ok, if you brewed it you have so much more invested in that beer, than any beer you could pick up a 6 pack of on the way home. After brewing with Extract Kits I moved onto All Grain brewing and really started to design my own recipes. That’s where the journey really picks up, now you’re buying malts, comparing yeast strains, and thinking about which hops at what boil time will be best for your next vacation brew you are planning to do.

Cleaning out the mash tun

Cleaning out the Mash Tun

Fast forward a few years later and I’m opening a brewery and I’ve never even brewed on a commercial system (don’t worry we are hiring a head brewer with years of experience and education to brew our beers). However, I still wanted to at least see a system at work and get a better understanding of the ins and outs of a commercial brew day. I had been emailing John (owner) at Southern Sky a few times with different questions about opening a brewery, and he has always been very helpful, one day I asked him if I could shadow a brew day with them, and he said sure. The difference between all-grain homebrewing and commercial brewing is very different, but at the same time, there are very similar steps throughout the whole day so you (for the most part) can stay on track (if you know how to all-grain brew). Jay the head brewer at Southern Sky was very helpful and showed me every step in the process, he also answered many questions I had.


Fermentors All Lined Up

It was a fun day and I learn a lot and also got to try a few of their tasty brews… World’s Apart Ale, Beholden IPA, Golden Ticket Milk Stout (Probably my favorite), and Sour Test Batch 1. You can learn more about these beers and many others they offer here. Check out there website here, and be on the look out for their brews, or stop by the brewery and get a tour. Thanks again John and Jay!

Southern Sky Brewhouse

7bbl brewhouse



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