Hops DIY Growing and Sprouting them in Pots (Video) – Printer’s Ale

Spring is such a nice time of year were people start getting back outside and everything starts to grow again. Trees get full and green, flowers bloom and birds return from their migrations. A couple months ago we started growing hops at Printer’s Ale (you can see the video here or at the end of this post). We’ve started with just 20 Cascade Rhizomes, but we hope to expand so we are able to use our whole cone local hops in our beers. I’m new to growing hops and so I will be walking you through all the successes and failures so you can learn from the mistakes. We will start growing hops in pots to sprout them but soon will be transferring them to our hop-yard we are building. So to give you a brief description of what I did:

  1. We purchased 20 hop rhizomes of Cascade on-line. Do a little research about which types (cascade, simcoe, amarillo, etc…) grow well in your region.
  2. Then I purchased 20 – 1 gallon pots, Miracle Grow (moisture control), Perlite, and root hormone.
  3. Collect some mulch/organic material (leafs, pine-straw), put about 3 inches of mulch in the bottom of your pot
  4. Blend a little Perlite with your Miracle Grow and fill your pots up (stay about 1-2inch below top).
  5. Dig a small trench for you hop rhizome (1inch deep).
  6. Dip each end of your hop rhizome into the root hormone and then bury your rhizome in the trench horizontally (not vertically)
  7. Cover your trench up, and pack down lightly.
  8. Allow your hops to get 7-10 hours of sun each day.
  9. The first time I watered them I gave them 8oz of water each and then didn’t water them for 5 days
  10. After that I gave them 6oz of water every other day.
  11. Within 2 weeks most had sprouted.

**We are transferring our hops into the ground which is why we used 1 gallon pots, I would recommend the same if you plan to put in the ground. If you want to keep them in pots then go with 5 gallon or bigger pots**

This is our first hop growing video and our first video on YouTube! Please subscribe if you would like to stay updated.

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