BrewDog – 5am Saint

BrewDog 5am Saint

It’s always fun picking out a few new beers to try at your local growler and/or beer store. It’s even more fun when one of those beers surprise the hell out of you. That’s what happened when I tried the 5am Saint Hoppy Red Ale from BrewDog. BrewDog is a brewery located in Scotland (UK), they opened in 2007 just 2 guys passionate about making good beer and spreading the ‘gospel’ of craft beer. They have been enormously successful with this idea and venture. In 2007 they brewed just over 1000hL of beer, and last year in 2015 they brewed 134,000hLs. They have grown from a company of 2 employees to over 540. There is numerous BrewDog Bars from the UK to Brazil to Japan (over 44 bars total), and they keep growing. They must be making great product, and if the 5am Saint I tried was any indication of their other beers, then I’m going to have a fun summer trying to track down their other brews. To learn more about BrewDogs check out there site here.

The 5am like I said is a Hoppy Red Ale weighing in at 5% abv, and 35 IBUs. It’s composed of¬†Extra Pale, Caramalt, Munich, Crystal, and Dark Crystal malts in the grain bill. Hops added:¬†Cascade, Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe, Ahtanum, Centennial. Red Ales are one of my favorite styles and this is one of my favorites I’ve found in the style so far. Amber in color, medium off white head. Aromas caramel, oranges, and malts with tastes of bready sweet malts, and citrus that balance well with the extra hoppy flavors. Mouthfeel was full carbonation, light to medium body. Overall fantastic! I will be looking for this and anything else by BrewDogs at my local store, and requesting if I have too. Check out more details on the 5am Saint here.

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