Red Hare Brewery Visit

Today I got to go visit Red Hare Brewery in Marietta, GA. Red Hare was founded in August 2011 and is now being sold in 5 different states (Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama & Tennessee). They were also the first brewery in GA to can their beers. Which has now become the industry standard for craft breweries. I’ve been to Red Hare many times over the past few years and tried almost all of their tasty brews, Watership Brown being my go-to favorite of theirs. However, when I visited today I wasn’t going to hang out in their newly remodeled tasting room with reclaimed wood, and cool art all around. Today, I was visiting to chat with Bobby (Co-Owner) and his crew about the canning line. Right now at Printer’s I’m trying to secure us a bottling line, and I have to admit it’s a little outside my wheel house. Luckily, I got a crash course in canning/bottling lines this morning. Getting to see a line in action, hands-on, really fills in the gaps where internet research drops the ball. There’s a lot of similarities in the two types of lines. Now I just have to find a good line in our budget. If you are looking for a bottling or canning line or you just want to see how one works, try to get in touch with a local brewery and see if you can get a tour. It’s pretty cool getting to see how all the beer in the market is packaged up and sent out to distributors who then sell it to your local store. Thanks again Red Hare, hope to be at the┬áluau in July.

Red Hare Canning Line

The Canning Line

Red Hare fermentation tanks

Fermentation Tanks

Red Hare Draft Beer options in Tasting room

What’s on Draft in the Tasting Room

If you haven’t been to the Red Hare Brewery check out their website here and plan a trip soon!

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