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Georgia Beer Festival time! Nothing like getting with a few friends and heading out to a Georgia beer festival (or any beer festival where ever you happen to be located). Some are well established and set up for huge occupancy, and others are new and small and still figuring out exactly what to do, but either way they are a fun experience¬†where you get to drink good beer and support local breweries while also learning a lot about the beer from people involved with the Breweries you are drinking. Sometimes it’s even a brewer or the owner who will be dishing out the beer and they’ll be able to explain to you at length what their brewery is all about. There is a bunch of craft beer festivals coming up in GA this year so grab a friend and pick one to attend. Follow the links for more details on each.

– Drink Up, SlyePup

  • May 21st – East Atlanta Beer Fest (website)
  • June 4th – Gwinnett Beer Fest (website)
  • June 18th – Atlanta Summer Beer Fest (website)
  • July 4th – Red, White, & Brew (website)
  • August 20th – German Bier Fest (website)
  • September 3rd – Savannah Craft Beer Fest (website)
  • September 24th – Rome Beer Fest (website)
  • October 8th – Great Atlanta Craft Beer Fest (website)
  • October 15th – Decatur Craft Beer Fest (website)
  • November 12th – Acworth Craft Beer Fest (website)

Hope everyone has fun. If I have missed a festival that is scheduled or got a date wrong please let me know!

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