Charleston Breweries – South Carolina

Charleston Breweries! My fiancee and I took a quick trip to Charleston a few weeks ago to look at future wedding venues, and like I’ve said before I always try to find a cool craft brewery (or 4) to visit whenever I travel. My fiancee is a craft beer gal so she is always down, sometimes looking them up before I do haha. Between the two of us we might try to plan to see several in a weekend, but after a few craft beers you generally want to relax and enjoy the ones you are at. It’s also another reason to come back to a beautiful city (like Charleston). Charleston is a unique beach town, it’s an older city so it’s downtown has character that you don’t see in other coastal cities. Walking around is easy, and there are many things to find to do from bars and restaurants, to shopping, and sight seeing.

We ended up going to a couple breweries and a brewpub while we were there. One was called Southend Brewery & Smokehouse. It was located in the downtown district and had several good beers brewed in-house, and some bad ass wings. So if you are wanting to have a couple good beers and some food before exploring the historical side of Charleston stop by and check them out. The next brewery we went to was Holy City Brewing really cool small brewery located in the back of a small industrial park. They had roll up doors to access their patio with picnic tables, a big bar so not really any line, and some nice tables right next to the brewhouse (which you don’t normally see). Fun place, good brews! The last brewery was Revelry Brewing Co. and to be honest this was getting toward the end of the night, so I’d really like to go back there and start the day there so I could say more about it, but I do remember that the appetizers were delicious and all the people were very friendly. Also I remember their cream ale was terrific… I had a couple of those.

There’s a lot more breweries in Charleston so hopefully they’ll be a part 2 post about a few others. Here’s some pics…

Holy City Brewery Front

Holy City Patio

Holy City Brewery Gil

Fiancee at Holy City

Southend Brewery & Smokehouse - Beer Flight

Beer Flight at Southend

Southend Brewery & Smokehouse - Brew House

Shiny Brewhouse at Southend


P.S. Still working on updating the site, but wanted to put this post up before I forgot.

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