Tennessee Stillhouse Distillery

Got a chance to go to the Tennesse Stillhouse a local craft distillery in Chattanooga last weekend. My cousin and I are almost exactly a year apart in age (he’s a year older than me) so sometimes we’ll do a joint birthday celebration. This year since he was turning 30 we decided to go out of town with a few friends to Chattanooga. As you will learn about me I always like to hit up a craft brewery whenever I travel somewhere, but this time we decided to change it up with a distillery tour. I’ve sold plenty of whiskey, bourbon, and other spirits, but it’s very cool to get to speak with the people making it, and talk to the bartenders who enjoy selling it to patrons. Everyone seems to have a connection with the product and from that comes a pride when discussing it. With the tour we also got a few signature drinks made for us at their tasting bar, so if you are in the area don’t miss the opportunity to come out and learn about and drink some great local whiskey. The tour plus the drinks takes only about an hour to an hour and a half.

Here are some pics of the distillery.

Tennesse Stillhouse Still Tennesse Stillhouse Cellar Tennessee Stillhouse Bar

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