Easy Quick Full Body Stretches

Easy Full Body Stretches! Over the past few months I’ve been getting back in shape. When I was younger teens and early 20s I was in pretty good shape and athletic, however after college I put on a few lbs in my mid-twenties. So now in my late 20s (currently 28) I’m making some habit changes and getting back into the fit game. One thing I never worried about when I was younger was stretching. I could lift weights, run, swim, whatever and not have to stretch much at all. Now that I’m a little bit older I can really tell how much stretching helps. Not only for working out, but also as a stress reliever or a good way to start the day. There is tons of great videos on youtube for stretching, and a lot of specific stretching routines online for whatever exercise you’re into, but I thought I would make a quick post of a good overall full body stretching pic┬áthat you can save on your phone or print out and use for quick reference when you just need to do a quick stretch and want to hit all the key areas. I found this online and it is the best simple example I have found. If you come across any other easy full body stretches please share! Thanks

Easy Full Body Stretches

Easy Full Body Stretch

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