Terrapin – Liquid Bliss Porter

A buddy of mine got me a Six-pack of Terrapin Liquid Bliss for an engagement gift. It’s one of my favorite local beers, and I’ve always wanted to review beers and now I have a blog to do it, so lets get started.

Terrapin is a brewery out of Athens, GA founded in 2002 as a satellite brewery, contract brewing out of various places. The founders Cochran & “Spike” Buckowski had a hard time finding investors at first but after their flagship brew Rye Pale Ale won the gold medal at the Great American Craft Beer Festival (the biggest competition in the U.S.) investors started to show up. The Liquid Bliss is a fantastic experimental porter that pours black and has a light brown head of bubbles. You can smell chocolate and peanut butter up front. The taste is almost the same as the aroma rich chocolate, a little salty, but very sweet. It’s a rich thick chocolate creamy beer with peanut butter notes. If you like Reeses Candy and beer then you will probably like this. Lucky for you it’s served all year round from Terrapin, learn more here.

So whatever holiday you are celebrating this season grab a tasty Liquid Bliss and enjoy it with people you care about. Happy Holidays everyone!

Bonus Fact: Terrapin was named after the Grateful Dead Album Terrapin Station.


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